Hot Cider Hustle Half-Marathon

Yesterday was my last half-marathon of the year: The Hot Cider Hustle in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I couldn’t have asked for better conditions considering it is October — in Wisconsin. It was cool and crisp at start time but sunny and calm. The perfect way to start a long run! But even so, I found myself nervous for this run. The last half-marathon of the year and I still had my “goal” time in mind. 

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What You Need To Know Before You Sign Up For A Tough Mudder

Not too long ago, my family and I took on our very first Tough Mudder Half. I had never participated in one before, but I had my ideas and preconceived notions about how exactly the event went. And as we headed to start at 2:00pm on a comfortable September Saturday, I wasn’t exactly prepared for what we were about to do.

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Pushing Past A Motivation Block

I have officially reached the hard part of half-marathon training. (Some may say ALL of half-marathon training is tough, which is true, but that’s not what I mean.) I have hit the point of training in where my motivation starts to disappear. The initial excitement of what I have signed up to do has long gone and the “work” portion has set in.

So what do you do when you hit a motivation block?

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The First Rule of Running Club — And Why You Should Join

I started out running with the intention of just being able to run a 5k completely without walking. At that time, I thought that I would run one race and then I would be done. The thought of joining a running club or writing a blog about running never even crossed my mind. But somewhere along the route, I caught the running bug. 

So, I ran a few more races.

And a few more.

And then a few more… 

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I Don’t Have A Runner’s Body — But I Have A Runner’s Heart!

The first time that someone asked me if I was a runner, I was speechless. I certainly didn’t consider myself a “runner”. And I definitely didn’t look like a runner. Dumbly, I looked back at the little lady tickling my toes while she painted them and just nodded. I mean, I try to run, I thought to myself. Then pondered on the realization… Maybe you don’t have to have a “runner’s body” to have a runner’s heart.

I Don't Have A Runner's Body -- But I Have A Runner's Heart!

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Weight Loss Inspiration And Finally Finding Success

Have you ever lost track of time staring at “Before and After” pictures of weight loss success stories? I certainly have — they are all so incredible and inspiring! A few years ago, I came across one with a “girl in a green dress” and was absolutely astounded. It turns out this was Taralynn McNitt — a lifestyle blogger that at that time was blogging on Tumblr and focused on healthy living. Her story not only motivated me to start my own weight loss journey, but she continues to inspire me to this day – including starting my own blog. After seeing her “before and after” picture at such a young age, I decided there was nothing stopping me from changing my own future. 


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