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Running On Empty

About three years ago, I walked out of my doctor’s office stunned. What I believed to be a normal check-up was anything but. However, the diagnosis I received explained A LOT about what I had been experiencing. I was freezing all the time. My body ached and my hair was falling out. I was gaining weight even if I was…


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Struggling is Part of the Growing Process

This post is a little (or a lot) later than normal. And to be honest, it’s because my motivation is super low lately. To do anything. It’s like every year at this time my body wants to switch to hibernation mode. All I want to do is be in my sweatpants, in front of the fireplace, sleeping. Or eating. Or…


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Our Alaskan Adventure: Exploring “The Last Frontier” Part One

I can’t believe that it’s been over a week since we got back from “The Last Frontier”.  Our Alaskan adventure was certainly a trip of a lifetime and I am so thankful to have experienced it with my whole family. From fishing to glacier tours, hiking to gold panning, we did it all. It truly was an amazing week!