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‘Tis The Treadmill Season!

Brrr!!! Has the last week been cold or what?!? I have to admit that we have been spoiled with above average temperatures the last few weeks, but unfortunately, I think that winter has finally arrived in Wisconsin. And even though I want to run outside more this winter, I know that some miles will still be logged indoors. It is…


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Struggling is Part of the Growing Process

This post is a little (or a lot) later than normal. And to be honest, it’s because my motivation is super low lately. To do anything. It’s like every year at this time my body wants to switch to hibernation mode. All I want to do is be in my sweatpants, in front of the fireplace, sleeping. Or eating. Or…


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Pushing Past A Motivation Block

I have officially reached the hard part of half-marathon training. (Some may say ALL of half-marathon training is tough, which is true, but that’s not what I mean.) I have hit the point of training in where my motivation starts to disappear. The initial excitement of what I have signed up to do has long gone and the “work” portion…