How Yoga Can Help Your Running

Vinyasa. Savasana. Namaste. They may sound like made-up words but to yogis worldwide, they have great meaning. These words represent their practice. A practice that cleanses, restores, and rejuvenates. The practice of YOGA.

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The First Rule of Running Club — And Why You Should Join

I started out running with the intention of just being able to run a 5k completely without walking. At that time, I thought that I would run one race and then I would be done. The thought of joining a running club or writing a blog about running never even crossed my mind. But somewhere along the route, I caught the running bug. 

So, I ran a few more races.

And a few more.

And then a few more… 

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Transform Your Life — 14 Amazing Results Running Can Bring You Now

When I was growing up, the worst day of gym class was the day that we would have to run the mile. I absolutely dreaded it. A mile seemed to be forever. And I hated being one of the last people to finish running it — if I even finished it running. I remember walking. A lot.

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Gym Bag Goodies: What You Need To Get To Get You Going

Let’s face it. Our lives aren’t slowing down. Work, home, school, and family are pulling at us in all directions. If we manage to sneak in a quick workout we also have to plan for the time is takes to freshen up after the workout — especially us women with a whole lotta hair! Showering, washing, drying, styling hair, re-applying make-up can feel like another additional workout (not to mention the acrobatics it takes to preform some of those tasks)!

Save Time — Keep These Essentials Ready To Go!

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Fear Not! Running Shouldn’t Be Stressful

Common Fears Had By New Runners

Being too slow. Even if you feel like a turtle stomping through molasses – hold your head up high! You are bettering yourself with every step you take. Don’t worry about who might be “judging” you. If people at the gym or passing you on the street are more focused on you than their own workout, they are not working hard enough.

 In my experience, I find runners are a very inclusive people. The last few years I have participated in a race that is an out and back. Every single year so far, I have been amazed by the amount of support and encouragement coming from the leaders of the pack when we cross throughout the race course. They always say “Keep it up guys” or “You got this!” They never are laughing at the “slower runners” who haven’t gotten to the halfway point yet… even if we are a mile or two behind them already. 

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Up And Running

Running Roots is up and RUNNING — (pun completely intended!) — and I am excited to share my running journey with all of you! The plan of this blog was to focus on running, but it will also include my “roots” – including family, friends, food, gardening, around the house, and of course, my cat, Charlie. (Warning: It may include A LOT of Charlie).

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