Arizona Wrap-Up

After spending the night in Flagstaff, we were out on the road bright and early heading for Meteor Crater. Although we weren’t heading there at 26,000 miles an hour (that’s as fast as the meteorite that hit this spot) we got there just in time for them to open — in fact, we were the only people on the first rim tour of the day.

This place was fascinating! It is the most well preserved meteor crater impact site on the Earth. More than a mile across and roughly 550 feet deep, this is the exact spot a meteorite impacted the Earth roughly around 50,000 years ago! So, where’s the meteorite?

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March Madness?!?

Did anyone else feel like February flew by? With vacation, illness, and weekend events, this month vanished in the blink of an eye. A few days before the end of February I was adding up my monthly mileage and was less than impressed. I missed my goal by 5.5 miles — bringing my February total miles to 29.5 miles. While that’s not terrible by any means, it wasn’t my goal. Therefore, I am even more determine to run more and train harder in March!


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Welcome Back Running Season!

A little before noon on a blustery March day in Wisconsin, stood a huddled mass of almost 2,000 people. “Crazy” as some might call us. (When you’re a runner, being called a “crazy” has a strange way of becoming a complement… so, smile and say thank you!)

We were waiting. Jumping, stretching, talking, laughing. The excitement of the race before us hung in the air… And it wasn’t just the excitement to get moving forward and warm-up. It was the thrill of the first race of the year (for most) and anticipation of the new running season.

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Arizona Rewind Part 2

Bright and early February 14th we headed north out of Sedona on Highway 89 toward Flagstaff, Arizona. Flagstaff wasn’t our final destination however. Instead, we were passing through on our way to the Grand Canyon. Located on the South Rim sits Grand Canyon Village, a tourist hub for those seeking to experience the beauty and incredible size that this National Park boasts.

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Arizona Rewind Part 1

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 2 weeks since we left the cold Wisconsin winter for sunny Arizona. We had such an amazing time and I feel like we could have spent even more time just exploring the beautiful state with all the history and national monuments.

Arizona is a state unlike any other that I have visited before. In my head, it was desert and cactus as far as you could see. Was I ever wrong!! There were cactuses, but there was not only grass and trees, but also mountains and SNOW! I certainly didn’t pack accordingly.

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Fear Not! Running Shouldn’t Be Stressful

Common Fears Had By New Runners

Being too slow. Even if you feel like a turtle stomping through molasses – hold your head up high! You are bettering yourself with every step you take. Don’t worry about who might be “judging” you. If people at the gym or passing you on the street are more focused on you than their own workout, they are not working hard enough.

 In my experience, I find runners are a very inclusive people. The last few years I have participated in a race that is an out and back. Every single year so far, I have been amazed by the amount of support and encouragement coming from the leaders of the pack when we cross throughout the race course. They always say “Keep it up guys” or “You got this!” They never are laughing at the “slower runners” who haven’t gotten to the halfway point yet… even if we are a mile or two behind them already. 

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Weight Loss Inspiration And Finally Finding Success

Have you ever lost track of time staring at “Before and After” pictures of weight loss success stories? I certainly have — they are all so incredible and inspiring! A few years ago, I came across one with a “girl in a green dress” and was absolutely astounded. It turns out this was Taralynn McNitt — a lifestyle blogger that at that time was blogging on Tumblr and focused on healthy living. Her story not only motivated me to start my own weight loss journey, but she continues to inspire me to this day – including starting my own blog. After seeing her “before and after” picture at such a young age, I decided there was nothing stopping me from changing my own future. 


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Watch Out February, Here I Come!

I don’t know about you, but I am beyond excited that January is over. It’s the hardest month of the year for me. The holiday cheer is gone, the weather is atrocious, and sometimes, we don’t see the sun for days. I can hardly stand it. Instead of hibernating on the couch watching Netflix this January, I have been quite productive. I guess that’s what a few extra days of time off will do to a person!

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Apple Crisps Breakfast Bars

A few days ago, I bought a whole bag of Granny Smith apples because I was making a recipe that called for one Granny Smith apple. The store that I was grocery shopping at that day didn’t have any single Granny Smith apples and I didn’t want to stop at another store (give me a break, it’s winter in Wisconsin and I don’t want to get out of the car multiple times) – so I bought the apples. I think we ate a grand total of one. Now I’m here with a surplus of Granny Smiths and there is only one thing to do.

Make Apple Crisp!

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January “Thaw” and Six Safe Winter Weather Running Tips

At a balmy 34º Fahrenheit this morning, I laced up my running shoes, piled on some layers and headed out the door to enjoy a winter run outside. I just feel like I have to take advantage of the “January Thaw” that we are currently experiencing in Wisconsin. Sometimes, this time of year the weather is absolutely miserable, especially in northern areas. The days are short, cold, and downright dreary. That’s why I try to get out of the house when the weather is a little more cooperative (and tolerable — meaning above 0º) and get a run in, even if it’s just a quick one. 

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