I Don’t Have A Runner’s Body — But I Have A Runner’s Heart!

The first time that someone asked me if I was a runner, I was speechless. I certainly didn’t consider myself a “runner”. And I definitely didn’t look like a runner. Dumbly, I looked back at the little lady tickling my toes while she painted them and just nodded. I mean, I try to run, I thought to myself. Then pondered on the realization… Maybe you don’t have to have a “runner’s body” to have a runner’s heart.

I Don't Have A Runner's Body -- But I Have A Runner's Heart!

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Fear Not! Running Shouldn’t Be Stressful

Common Fears Had By New Runners

Being too slow. Even if you feel like a turtle stomping through molasses – hold your head up high! You are bettering yourself with every step you take. Don’t worry about who might be “judging” you. If people at the gym or passing you on the street are more focused on you than their own workout, they are not working hard enough.

 In my experience, I find runners are a very inclusive people. The last few years I have participated in a race that is an out and back. Every single year so far, I have been amazed by the amount of support and encouragement coming from the leaders of the pack when we cross throughout the race course. They always say “Keep it up guys” or “You got this!” They never are laughing at the “slower runners” who haven’t gotten to the halfway point yet… even if we are a mile or two behind them already. 

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