The Ugly Truth of Half-Marathon Training and Weight Loss

I began running about 7 years ago solely with the intention of aiding in my weight loss journey. As I incorporated the extra cardio into my new, healthy lifestyle, it definitely helped me shed some of those pounds. And I was ecstatic!

But when the weight loss seemed to plateau, I knew it was because I was becoming efficient at running. My body had adapted to what I was asking it to do. I knew that I needed to change up my workout in order to “surprise” my body back into weight loss. I thought increasing my mileage would do the trick and help me drop a few more pounds… Unfortunately, that is not always the case. 

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What To Eat When You Can Not Eat One More Salad

Mama always said to “Eat Your Veggies!” but what are you to do when you can’t choke down one more stinking’ salad?

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Weight Loss Inspiration And Finally Finding Success

Have you ever lost track of time staring at “Before and After” pictures of weight loss success stories? I certainly have — they are all so incredible and inspiring! A few years ago, I came across one with a “girl in a green dress” and was absolutely astounded. It turns out this was Taralynn McNitt — a lifestyle blogger that at that time was blogging on Tumblr and focused on healthy living. Her story not only motivated me to start my own weight loss journey, but she continues to inspire me to this day – including starting my own blog. After seeing her “before and after” picture at such a young age, I decided there was nothing stopping me from changing my own future. 


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