The Runner Behind The Blog

 Hello and Welcome to Running Roots!

My name is Jordan and I am the runner behind the blog. I haven’t always been a runner (in fact, I hated running for a large portion of my life) but all of that changed about 6 years ago. I started to incorporate running into my workouts and it helped me lose over 75 pounds! Now, still running and pushing myself further than I ever imagined, I wanted to share my thoughts, triumphs, struggles, and “running roots” with others around the world. So, take a run with me (if only digitally) while I talk about running, family, and life in general.

More About ME

I am a registered nurse working in a Cardiac Unit. I am constantly learning new things about the human body and the cardiovascular system which is one of the things that drives me to take better care of mine. The human body is an amazing creation but it is not unbreakable and should be treated well. I’m on a journey to become even healthier and happier. I try a lot of “crazy” things, but you never know what will happen if you don’t try!

My other hobbies include photography, scrapbooking, kayaking, and cooking(and eating), volleyball, and the occasional video game. I am an avid Green Bay Packer fan (GO PACK GO!) and have been known to say that I should have been a football announcer; I probably couldn’t cut it, but it’s fun to dream, right? 

I am the proud Mama to my little fur baby Charlie — who will no doubt make an appearance or many throughout this blog. He’s a talkative tabby cat that we adopted about 3 years ago. He’s such a love-bug that even my cat disliking Dad snuggles him every chance he gets. Sometimes I feel like Charlie should have been a dog with how much of a people person he is, but then I remember that time I tried to teach him to sit … let’s just say, he didn’t sit too well. 

My husband and I moved recently (okay, we moved in April, so maybe NOT that recently) and so we are still in the process of settling into the house. We are hoping to remodel our kitchen, we just finished painting the spare bedrooms, and want to get chickens this spring to start having our own home-grown eggs for breakfast! I can’t wait!! 

I also am very excited about my garden this year. Last summer was a learning experience to say the least. We live in an area that has very sandy soil, so I decided to do a raised garden (Plus, weeds have a harder time taking the garden over!) I also didn’t think that I wanted a fence to go around the garden but the deer that came and wiped it out changed my mind very quickly. My mom has beautiful gardens and I am hoping to learn some tricks to make my gardening experience as prosperous as her harvests are!

If you feel there is anything that I forgot — or if there is something you read here that you want me to expand upon, just let me know! I look forward to hearing from you.

– Jordan